FORM NO. NAME View/Download
SPS-101Indent for purchases below Rs. 25000in Doc|in Pdf
SPS-102Indent for purchases from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 1.00 Lacin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-103Indent for purchases from Rs. 1.00 Lac to Rs. 2.50 Lacsin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-104Indent for purchases from Rs. 2.50 Lac to Rs. 25.00 Lacsin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-105Indent for purchases above Rs. 25.00 Lacsin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-106Format for Director’s approval for opening technical bid where less than three bids have been receivedin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-107Technical evaluation sheetin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-108Director’s approval for opening of financial bids after only 1 bidder is found to be technically qualifiedin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-109Format for financial evaluationin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-110Recommendation of the committee for purchase (In case of single Tender/Proprietary item)in Doc|in Pdf
SPS-111Request form for custom duty exemption certificate/ clearing documents incase Of direct import purchase/free samples/donationsin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-112Request form for documents incase of re-export of equipment due to repair/replacementin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-113Format for write-off/deletion of expired of Software/Licensein Doc|in Pdf
SPS-114Handing Over/Taking Over formin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-115Format for Material Inspection Reportin Doc|in Pdf
SPS-116Proprietary Article Certificate (PAC) for purchasing the equipment/items on a single tender/proprietary basisin Doc|in Pdf