Noble synthetic material for anti-microbial coatings

IITRopar is actively contributing to address the issues related to COVID-19.The country, at present, is in the process of slowly opening the commercial, official and transportation activities.

It has therefore becomes prudent to sanitize the public areas regularly with sanitizers. However, the materials available currently in market for sanitizing/fogging purposes are mostly made of volatile organic compounds and /or have pungent smell.

In this direction, IIT Ropar team (Dr. Narinder Singh, Prof. C. Raman Suri, Prof. Harpreet Singh and Mr. Amanpreet Singh) has developed noble synthetic materials for anti-microbial coatings on PPE kits, spray for disinfecting tunnels, and for fogging purpose. These materials are non-volatile in nature with no foul smell, possess very high anti-microbial activities, and showing high shelf life on different metallic or non-metallic surfaces.

The team has developed two types of coatings: (1) Hydrophilic and (2) Hydrophobic and hence one can use them based upon the area of application. The hydrophilic materials are primarily meant for fogging and spray on walls etc; while hydrophobic materials are specifically designed for coatings on PPE,