Current Projects


An endeavour to train and educate the illiterate daily wage workers having meagre access to electricity about the solar energy solutions capacitating them to enlighten their homes.

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An endeavour to provide people with good clothes to wear, thus making them rise amidst the society equal to the status of others wearing so called 'BRAND' ones and later making them acquire skills of making clothes at their own!

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An initiative aiming to provide a platform to the hidden talents of the Punjab to showcase mesmerising talent and make a livelihood out of it.


Past Projects


To provide a healthy and time saving transportation service to students of IIT Ropar , also empowering the entrepreneur.

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To bring a revolution in the field of Telemedicine by making our idea sustainable and providing medical facilities to villagers with modern technology so as to save their money and time.

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An endeavour to ensure employment to rural people and introduce bio-degradable cleansing product to the market.

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Making bags which are TO the people, FOR the people, BY the people.

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Farm Fresh

Working with determination and innovation for up-liftment of farmers.

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Altering supply to meet Demand.

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Bringing taste to lives.

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