Our team


ENACTUS ( previously known as SIFE ) stands for Entrepreneur Action and Us. It is a worldwide non-profit organisation comprised of top business leaders and university students intended to make a better and more sustainable world.

The Initiaion

Inspired by the mission of ENACTUS, students at IIT Ropar along with overwhelming contribution from Dr. Navin Kumar, assistant professor at department of mechanical engineering IIT Ropar laid the foundation of ENACTUS IIT Ropar in January 2012. This made IIT Ropar one of the three IITs to have ENACTUS team. ENACTUS IIT Ropar kicked off with 40 enthusiastic and determined people having excellent ideas for uplifting communities and inexhaustible passion to serve people. With every passing year horizon of ENACTUS IIT Ropar and frenzy associated with it keep on increasing due to which a two-phase recruitment process consisting of written test and idea presenting session, either through group discussion or personal interview, is conducted.
We're the people who actually make an impact in changing the world for the better - we leave just endlessly talking about it to other people. On our platform people who want to help meet people, who are in need of support. Directly & transparent. When will you join? Above all you! You and the tens of thousands of world-improvers, who make betterplace.org grow and thrive.

Our Work

Because of persistent efforts and dedication of ENACTUS team members, ENACTUS IIT Ropar was acclaimed at the ENACTUS North India Regionals in 2012, the very first competition the team had participated in, for producing remarkable outputs in such a short period of time.
From the commencing day to the present day ENACTUS IIT Ropar is working relentlessly to make communities self-sustainable and independent and to empower people by enhancing their skills and making them more aware. The team is working very hard and will continue to do so to achieve ENACTUS' mission of making a better tomorrow and superfine present.


In the last one year , we have created 31 entrepreneurs,
Dedicated work of more than 20,200 hours.
Created a profit of more than ₹ 50,000
Affected 31 lives directly
And touched more than 627 lives

But , is this the complete picture.
Yes, we went in search of a target community, but instead we found friends who needed help
It's true we thought we were giving them a market to sell their products, but in reality we were giving them opportunities to expand their network.
We never gave them a business idea , actually we gave them a dream , a vision so strong that it had the power to change not only their future , not only our future , but the future of the entire globe.
And , we have pledged to take determined actions to make that dream come true , to create a difference in the world .Because

"We are Enactus IIT Ropar,
We DARE to DO"