"Making bags which are TO the people, FOR the people, BY the people."

What is Bagin?

Project bagin aims to capacitate downtrodden women community and expand their miro-credit by providing their art exposure on an uncharted international platform. Hand made bags have seen a downward gradient from being an art which once used to catch attention of many, to being pushed to irredeemable anonymity reduced by the factory made bags. Project bagin aims to enkindle this ethnic art form. Through this collaboration project between Enactus ECU and Enactus IIT Ropar, we aspire to supply bags with a tincture of Indian culture at a sapient rate to Australian market as well as local Indian market. This endeavour will be ensuring a state of self sustainability with no assistance from outside in subsequent times for these women. Moreover, it will act as a bifold boon both for the customers as well as the women.

About The Project

With our target community being the women of Chandigarh and Ropar, BAGIN was conceptualized in 2013
Most of the females of the family in Punjab are unemployed. We identify women who are capable of making bags and know basic tailoring. Bags are bought from these women at reasonable rates and are exported to Australia and also to local markets in India. We look forward to make the needy girls self-supporting and guide the hard-up parents. We conduct workshops for the girls of Saini Charitable Education TRUST where we teach them to make attractive bags, think creatively and make new and beautiful designs. We have taught them how to use Patch work to make stylish bags.
Our bags are made using local materials with expert workmanship - taking inspiration from our cultural melting-pot of Indian influences. The first phase of the campaign aimed to produce 20 cloth bags and ship them to ENACTUS ECU for sale in Australia. This gave the women a secondary source of income and a chance to contribute towards the society and the environment. The second phase aims to produce 50 cloth bags and the women are expecting a huge profit out of it.
By buying from us you will be receiving an exceptional, original product whilst supporting local women build a sustainable future.

About The People

Our main target community involves the women of Saini Charitable Education Trust, (SCET) Rupnagar. Saini Charitable Trust is successfully running a Tailoring, Embroidery and Handicrafts school for females in this complex since May, 1991. We teach them how to make bags and those young girls are getting pretty good at it. Those girls are eager to learn . They are not financially sound but work hard to make both ends meet.
We also worked with a fifty year old women settled in Rupnagar district. She is a housewife whose husband and sons work at a general store with mere income and it is difficult for them to meet their day to day needs.She stitched few bags for us but then backed out due to health problems.

Triple Bottom Line-Impact

Economical - Each bag produced and sold generates a profit of nearly Rs.50/-.Going by stats, this project will produce a profit of Rs.30,000 per women over a span of one year and will be affecting 100+ lives globally.

  • Average Percentage Profit Per Bag: 193.8%
  • Total No. of Bags Sent to ENACTUS,ECU: 65
  • Total No. of Bags Sold in Indian Market: 55
  • Total Profit to the Community in Last Year(per Woman): 1396
  • Grant Received from Walmart: ₹ 10,000

Social - Our target community faces social seclusion in addition to low income. The revival of this art form will not only raise the standard of living of women but will also be a step towards preserving the ethnic heritage of India.
Environmental - All bags are made of eco-friendly material wiz cotton, jute and khadi. In addition to this, environmental and social awareness is provided to the target community.

Future Plans

We foresee the community to become self sustainable both economically and socially. In near future, we wish to inculcate various other communities in our project. By doing this, we will fillip their confidence and at the same time ignite the the light of entrepreneurship.