Our Interdisciplinary Research Areas

As an institute we dream of becoming the best in a few chosen areas of research rather than remaining a jack of all trades. Keeping this in mind, we have recognized our strength in a few domains and formed interdisciplinary groups thereby trying to make a concerted effort to focus our research in the following areas

  • Manufacturing and skill development
  • Bio imaging, Bio-instrumentation, Unconventional diagnostics and therapy
  • Renewable and clean energy
  • Sensors
  • Micro and nanofabrication
  • Agriculture and rural development involving water resources, food preservation and processing and rural energy sources.

Projects related to the above mentioned domains were internally funded by IIT Ropar.

Central Research Facility: IIT Ropar has invested quite a bit in procuring state-of-the-art equipment that are being used extensively for research for faculty members. They are clubbed under the umbrella of Central Research Facility. These facilities are also used by researchers from outside the institute as well. The instruments that are currently under central facility are XRD, SEM, SPM, Vacuum Furnace, NMR, GCMS, Nanoindenter, UV-Vis spectrometer, Single crystal XRD, Surface area analyzer, FTIR, SFG spectrometer, High performance computing, etc. to name a few.

Bio-X consortium : To push the frontiers of biomedical engineering towards disease prevention and affordable health care, in India-centric scenarios, by bridging the gap between engineering and life sciences, IIT Ropar, IIT Mandi and PGIMER Chandigarh has teamed up to facilitate interaction between engineers, computational scientists, life science researchers and clinicians. This is aimed towards encouraging multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary collaborations to attract extramural funding. The collaborating institutes are also providing seed grants to researchers involved for setting up preliminary facilities.

Centre for Micro and Nano fabrication: IIT Ropar is setting up a central facility for micro and nano fabrication that would cater to the fabrication needs of faculty members across disciplines. This one-of-a-kind facility would house state-of-the-art equipment required for cutting-edge research in science and technology. 

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