Dr. Navin Kumar Designation: Dean, R&D

Sponsored Research is one of the important modes through which the faculty maintains contact with the frontiers of knowledge and the latest developments in technology. Due to the rapidly changing technologies and intense competition in the global market, innovations, and application of new knowledge has become the key to the survival of any technology-based organisation. In this direction, projects from various funding agencies (Government/non-Government) not only assist the faculty to enrich their knowledge but also help to offer quality education in science and technology, which eventually leads to important contributions to research & development in the country.

One important aspect of RnD & II division of the institute is to promote and look after all the sponsored research activities of IIT Ropar, starting from project submission, project management including accounting, recruitment of research staff, interactions with the funding agency, technology transfer etc. Moreover, this division helps the faculty to take up and implement new research initiatives planned by the institute or by National and International agencies, such as IMPRINT, UAY, VAJRA and several Bi-lateral Counties' Funding Calls.

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