"Bringing taste to lives."

Seeing Possibilities

When we were out surveying the market, we tasted the exotic namkeen of Punjab probably the best one we had ever consumed. We then realised the possibility of replicating this marvel which could have given many lives a little felicity. After long hours of discussion, surveys and field trips, we located a community were willing to manufacture namkeen, but they feared the saturation of namkeen market. However, it wasn't that difficult to find out that the taste is still untouched in a large region. So, we took the responsibility to endeavour them in mass production. This was a Lilliputian step towards a Swavlambi(self- dependent) society.

Why Namkeen?

India is the land known for savouring the most scrumptious food, giving your tastebuds an allover elating experience and Punjab is no exception to this. Here, a variety of snacks form the essence of food. Enjoying the spices stinging your tongue, all you could say is, 'Wah, kya namkeen hai!". With various brands of namkeen selling at prices unaffordable to the middle class, a lot of people in Ropar missed enjoying good quality namkeen. So with willing consumers at one hand, and willing manufacturers at the other, an enterpreneur approach was all that was needed.

Building The Road Ahead

We train people in what we call the art of namkeen making. Commercial production, efficient use of resources, ensuring the high quality of namkeen both in terms of hygiene and health benefits are taken in full consideration. Once produced, the namkeen is sold in the unseen corners of Ropar Market bringing taste to lives at an affordable price.

Sustainability and Future Plans

Like every other project, we aim at sustainability. We work hard not just to raise the level expertise in namkeen making but to infuse a sense of confidence of an entrepreneur. In future we are planning to expand the production by adding more mesmerising flavours and to expand the consumer base bringing the people closer to the TASTE OF PUNJAB.