About Sponsored Research @IIT Ropar

1 Consultancy Form Revised.
2 Consultancy Project (Disbursement Form (R&D) Revised.
3 Director’s approval for opening of financial bids after only 1 bidder is found to be technically qualified.
4 Format for Director’s Approval for Tender Opening where less than three bids have been received.
5 Honorarium Form (Converted).
6 Indent cum Recommendation Sheet.(For purchasing from Rs. 25,000 - to Rs. 2,50,000) (R&D-03).docx
7 Indent cum Recommendation Sheet.(More than-Rs. 2,50,000) (R&D-02).
8 Indent form for purchasing below Rs. 25,000 (R&D-01).
9 Joining Report_R&D.
10 PDF FORM (Converted).
11 TA_advance_form.
12 TA form for external members(Converted).
13 TA_Reimburesement_Settlement_form.
14 Temporary_Advance_Form-converted.
15 No Dues Form R&D.