Head of Departments

 Dr. Apurva Mudgal
 Department of Computer Science and Engineering
 Email: hodcse [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242136
 Dr. Jyotindra Singh Sahambi
 Department of Electrical Engineering
 Email: hodelectrical [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242167
 Dr. Navin Kumar
 School of Mechanical Materials and Energy Engineering

 Email: headsmmee [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242170,242226
 Dr. Rajendra Srivastava
 Department of Chemistry
 Email: hodchemistry [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242175
 Dr. S.C. Martha
 Department of Mathematics
 Email: hodmath [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242288
 Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta
 Department of Physics
 Email: hodphysics [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242122
 Dr. Somdev Kar
 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
 Email: hodhss [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242219
 Dr. Yashveer Singh
 Centre for BioMedical Engineering
 Email: hodcbme [AT] iitrpr.ac.in
 Phone: +91-1881-242246
 Prof. Deepak Kashyap 
 Department of Civil Engineering
 Email: hodcivil [AT] iitrpr.ac.in 
 Phone: +91-1881-242316