Faculty [AT] DMME

Prof. P. K. Raina  [Head of Department]
PhD (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
Research Interests: Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics

Dr. Ravi Mohan Prasad
PhD (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Research Interests: Polymer-derived porous ceramics, Metal matrix composite, Membranes for hydrogen purification, Chemiresistor gas sensors, Hydrogen storage materials, Photocatalysts for wastewater decontamination

Dr. Neha Sardana
PhD(IMPRS-MLU, Halle (Saale), Germany)
Research Interests:Size-Property (electrical, mechanical and optical) relationship of Nanomaterials for different applications. Plasmon based materials and metamaterials for optical sensing devices in Visible and IR regime.

Dr. Priya Ghatwai  [Visiting Faculty]
PhD (University of Virginia)
Research Interests: Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Materials for the Transportation and Energy Sectors; Magnetic Nanocomposites; Electron Microscopy; Materials Sustainability/Materials & the Environment

Dr. Khushboo Rakha
PhD (Deakin University Australia)
Research Interests:Advanced High Strength Steels (Nano-structured Bainitic Steels, Ultra Low Alloyed Steels, TWIP Steels and Dual Phase Steels)