Quintessence - Intra College Techfest, IIT Ropar

"Its the light tof technology which purges the darkness of Challenges".

Quintessence, Our Intra Institute Technical Galawill be taking place on the November 5-6 with various Competitions, Exhibitions and Talks. With many attractive prizes to be won, Lets make that weekend a grand mixture of fun and technology.
This will be a Prelude to what is coming in March. Also, this fest will be seeing a lot of external footfall so, if this event is a huge success then it will serve to boost our chances of making our TechFest a success as well.


Participating teams will have to build robots which can push or kick the balls .The robot have to manually controlled one with follow specifications.

Win prizes worth 3000 and certificates. read more


Consist of three rounds along with treasure Hunt, Astro quiz and surprize round

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates. read more

Poster Designing

Online poster designing competition on a topic (topic not decided).

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates. read more

Blueprinting Competition

Competetion for enhancing imaginative and memory skills.

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates. read more

Cs 1.6/Go

Yeah, You heard it right. Its time to bring the gamer inside you.

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates.


Excogitate is an general quiz competition which deals with topics Sports,Science and Technology,Art and Literature,Movies,Tv series,Anime,Mythology,Politics,History and many more.

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates. read more


Two rounds,mathematical ,non mathematical and cryptic puzzles.

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates.read more

Code - Genesis

A two round competition that will test you programming and algorithmic skills.

Win prizes worth 2500 and certificates. read more

Startup Workshop - Guest Lecture


To enrich a kind of entrepreneurial environment in our college and to enhance the visualisation and perception of the market conditions to develop the product accordingly.


It will be conducted by the team of E-cell of IIT Delhi whose event’s structure will be revealed soon. read more

Tech Walkthrough

IIT Ropar is proud to organise its first Technical Walkthrough during Quintessence 2016 .On the day of event, all the participating labs in our institute will be open to the visitors which includes all the campus residents and nearby school students.

Various departments will be showcasing various cutting edge technologies in their particular field. Apart from the labs, there will be an exhibition where projects made by students and faculty will be displayed.

For the visitors, this will be a great chance to learn, experience and interact with experts from different scientific fields and also to witness the recent advancements in the field of science.
Time : Nov 5,9 am -3 pm


We are not finished finalising the schedules yet. Please check later for updates. Coming Soon!!! Thanks!

For any queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact us here.