Monochrome Design and Animation Club


Digital design, a term used to describe a wide variety of computer related skills, such as web design, digital imaging and 3D modeling. The term can further be expanded to any digitally created visual media. Amassing skills in digital design has endless benefits ranging from a source of income to a fulfilling weekend hobby.

Digital design has become a significant part of society--almost every product and field of work includes digital design at some point. Car companies start their design process using computer drafting programs, while food distributors hire digital designers to create logos and bright boxes to help sell their products. Movies are full of computer graphics, which are often indistinguishable from reality, and online marketplaces are meticulously put together by programmers, and the ability to touch up personal photographs, or as a form of self expression.

Digital design has pervaded all of society.

So if you think Digital design is for you, then MONOChrome should definitely be on your list.