Board Of Science and Technology


Secretary: Basil M Varghese

Faculty Incharge: Ekta Singla

Science and Technology Clubs are set up to kindle and nurture the love for technology, each club with its own specialization and guest lectures by prominent personalities in the world of technology and science.

Science and Technology board has 7 clubs under its umbrella:

  • Robotics Club

    Encouraging students to make robots that serve a purpose

  • Coding Club

    Inculcate the love of coding and computers

  • Enigma (Quiz and Puzzle Club)

    Training the mind using complex brain teasers

  • Zenith (Astronomy Club)

    Exploring the galaxy and various cosmological events

  • CIM Club

    Harnessing the power of computing for simulations

  • Monochrome (Design and Animtion Club)

    Using computational tools for editing videos

  • Finance and Economics Club

    An initiative to apprise students about various jargons related to finance and economics

A student spends his/her time constructively by engaging in the activities of these clubs. The students can thus represent IIT Ropar at various national and international competitions and events, brining laurels to the institute and allows students to showcase their creativity without bounds, through any of these clubs. Over the semester, fortnightly meetings of the clubs will be held, apart from the time invested by members in their club projects.